First names (real ones!)(long)

Anita Graham amgraham at
Sun Jan 16 06:20:09 EST 2000

At 2:44 PM +1100 16/1/0, Sally Odgers wrote:
>> I vote for PIE-mer.  Not that I get a vote.

Oh dear, I've always said Pee-myure.

>Yes, I think that's probably right.  (Please not the query at the end of
>this missive!)
>Ah yes, but the book claims they're *not* based on phonetics! That's what
>confused me. It makes quite a thing of not needing to know phonetics
>because they use spelled-out probnunciations.  "Mah" to me is pronounced
>just like "mar" or  and "per" to me is just like "purr" (as in cats). 
This is where the problem arises, and why phonetics are useful!
There are varieties of English (mostly US English) who pronounce the "r" in words a lot more than Sally and I probably do (and assuming we both speak fairly standard Australian English).

And there are varieties of English (some US accents, but not others) who pronounce the following words all the same:

and quite possibly Murray as well!

whereas other accents will pronounce them all differently.

>That's what I say. Though Tegan Jovanka from Doctor Who was Australian,
>I've never actually met an Aussie Jovanka. It sounds Scandinavian to me. 
Jovanka sounds Slavic to me...

>> (who saw something NASTY in the woodshed) is named Myfanwy.  That's sort
>> ugh to the eye, but it probably sounds better than it looks.
>My-van-oo-wee, but said quickly! That's the way Susan Cooper's rules imply!
>Probably more like "My-van-wee". 

The one Myfanwy I've met pronounced her name as M-von-wee
(with the v being softer than normal, halfway between v and f).

>How does Sarrell sound to you lot? And have you met it in any other books?

Can't say I *like* sounds hard, harder than Sorrell, for instance.

>Finally, can anyone turn Odgers into a feminine sounding name? I suppose I
>could translate it to Wealth Spear and back again - Goldblade or some such?

I'll ponder than one...


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