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<< >Sherwood Smith - Becca
>---Sarah: I found her two CROWN books too predictible to enjoy very
>much.-Sarah >>

I rather enjoyed Court Duel, but Crown Duel kept having me wanting to smack 
the little narriator upside the head. To me the most irritating sequence was 
where she is trying to escape home cross country without being caught and 
ends up in the same town as the tyrant king and his hangers-on. 

She watches him swaning about for a while and gets throughly pissed off. So, 
what does she do then but try to pay him back by stealing his horse and 
making a spectacale of herself galloping it through the market square. And 
this little broad is supposed to be what? A Countess, or Duchess or 
something? Duchess of where? Hazard County? She acted like an ignorant little 
hillbilly with neither manners nor conduct. Or, apparantly, common sense. 

I much prefered the Wren trilogy.
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