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Sat Jan 15 21:14:24 EST 2000

Hallie, I'm not a bit offended about your taste differing from mine on
BEAUTY. I think the point is, I don't read books for their presentation of
women or of men. That really doesn't interest me very much. I'm interested
in character, whether it be male or female, and I like to spend my reading
time with people I like or admire.

I liked Honour (Beauty) because she didn't spend the whole book moaning
about her treatment. I liked her sense of honour (outdated now, but it
fitted with the period) and I liked her care and concern for her family,
her horse and, eventually, for the Beast. I didn't find her passive. She
could have refused to go to the castle, she could have spent her whole time
sulking or feeling hard-done-by. She wasn't saintly at all, but she showed
fortitude and - OK - grace, in a difficult situation.

I liked Kate in Perilous Gard for the same reasons. Polly is a different
matter; she's far more of a child than the other two, but I liked her

What else did I like in Beauty? The family warmth, the fact that R-M didn't
take the cheap shots at "ugly sisters" that so many fairytale authors do...

The only thing I didn't like was the ending, where the peace was broken by
all those people. And I didn't find the Beast as a man convincing. The
ending demoted it from 10/10 to about 8 1/2  for me.

I hope this has clarified the way *I* see it? And thanks for starting this
discussion. I *love* this sort of thing and this is the only palce I get

“The devil has found himself a pretty face,” remarked Flynn O’Connor.'CONNOR'S LAST STAND

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