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><< The worst names were those from pern with an apostrophe, like F'lar
>etc. - I always wondered what that was supposed to mean.
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>The impression I got from White Dragon was that the spelling was merely an 
>honorific and that the actual name was unchanged, and pronounced the same as 
>it was before the person became a dragonrider.

It's definitely an honorific, but I wonder about the changed either _Dragonquest_ or _Dragonsong_ I remember them
agonizing about how they were going to do it for Jaxom's name--J'om or
something like that--and they decided to leave it as it was since he was
only nominally a dragonrider.  That could go either way; either it's an
impossible pronunciation or an impossibly ugly spelling.  All the rest of
the situations suggest that dragonriders choose names for their kids that
are easily contracted (like Felessan), for whatever reason.  Actually, now I
wonder if the pronunciation DOES change so when the name is spoken, it's
obvious the person being mentioned is a dragonrider.  I don't know, I'm just
thinking out loud again.

The other thing was that even McCaffrey didn't seem all that sure at the
beginning; Kylara's baby (the one that "might" be F'lar's) is given a
pre-contracted name in _Dragonflight_, but after that the "official" rule
seemed to be in force.  (She changed her mind about a lot of things.
Remember T'ton--T'ron--T'ton?)

Melissa Proffitt
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