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Sat Jan 15 16:40:12 EST 2000

Tarja wrote:
>That tv series' ending was horrible, atrocious, just simple awful (the last
>part came last Saturday) Couldn't help going EH!!!???, what happened??? It
>had nothing to do with Dumas' book. I hate it when they do this with films
>and tv series that are based on books. Sorry, but I am just too angry with
>the makers of that series.

The unequivocally, undebatably WORST tv we saw over the Christmas this year
was the adaptation of What Katy Did.  I loved that book as a child, and
both the girls liked it, despite the heavy dose of moralizing and
sentimentality (rather like Little Women, I suppose, though I could never
stomach that).  They changed the story radically, had Cousin Helen saying
things exactly the opposite of things she'd said in the book, killed off
the wrong character, and had Katy struggle in on crutches to see this
character before she died, leading to all kinds of mingled joy (Look! She's
walking!  I'm walking!) and grief (But I didn't WANT you to die!).  YACK!
They also brought in a completely invented male character, set him up to
act in an incomprehensible and unresolved manner, which (especially if you
happen to know that he has the same name as the person she marries, though
he doesn't appear until the third book of the series) gives a strong clue
that they were setting up for a sequel.  I will avoid it at all costs if
they do.  Megan Fellows (Anne from the AofGG films) did her best, but it
was doomed.

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