First names (real ones!)

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Sat Jan 15 04:46:46 EST 2000

On 14 Jan, Melissa Proffitt wrote:
>>Tell -AIR - ee ? Is that right? el-AIN?
>>> Teleri Elayne
>>How wrong am I?
> Those are all right.  We pronounce it TEL-er-ee but yours is the actual
> Welsh pronunciation.  In the first place, we had learned that ours is an
> acceptable alternate pronunciation, and secondly, I figured no one would
> EVER say it the traditional way.  Of course that's the guess everyone makes.

Well, not if they're German ;) .My guess was the same as SallyO's.
>>Incidentally, even people who make up the fantasy names aren't always the
>>last word on the way they sound. I invented ShuMar for one of my books; I
>>pronounced him "shu-MAR" but my editor insisted it must be "SHU-mar".

> I heard Patricia McKillip speak at a symposium once.  In the "Meet the
> Writer" session someone asked "so just how *do* you pronounce Raederle?"
> She said "I've always pronounced it Red-erl, but I've been told I'm wrong."

I would have pronounced that as she wrote it, but then that could be a
German word...

Invented names aren't easy to pronounce, because there are certain
rules of pronounciation different for every language: I'm Breeta in
French, Britte with a funny r in English, and of course Britta in
German, Swedish... (phonetics are hard to write in eMail!).

The worst names were those from pern with an apostrophe, like F'lar
etc. - I always wondered what that was supposed to mean.


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