First names (real ones!)

Sally Odgers sodgers at
Fri Jan 14 19:21:54 EST 2000

I'm not too sure of these pronounciations;

Tell -AIR - ee ? Is that right? el-AIN?
> Teleri Elayne

AIR-in Ai-vee-END-a?

> Aerin Aviendha

Reece Day-vid

> Rhys David

How wrong am I?
Incidentally, even people who make up the fantasy names aren't always the
last word on the way they sound. I invented ShuMar for one of my books; I
pronounced him "shu-MAR" but my editor insisted it must be "SHU-mar".

So there you are;


"Blessings of field and forest, of mountain and of spring..."  The
centaur's blessing from "Hector's Garden". 

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