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On Fri, 14 Jan 2000, Jacob Proffitt wrote:

|Elayne comes from the Wheel of Time series and has the added advantage of
|being like my mother's name (Elaine).
|Aerin Aviendha
|Aerin is from Robin McKinley's "Hero and the Crown" (I think.  Suddenly I'm
|not so sure)
|Aviendha comes from the Wheel of Time series and goes well with Aerin.

I can't imagine liking the Wheel of Time books -- or any of the
women in them -- enough to name a child after them.  On the other
hand, they're both pretty names.  And Teleri and Aerin are such
good names.

Rhys has always been one of my faves.

Steven Brust named one of his kids after one of his own
characters (Aliera), one after a Zelazny character (Corwin), and
one a name very similar to one of his own characters (Rozsa).
Interestingly, while the fictional Aliera, Corwin, and Roczsa
were all extremely cool, they were also (respectively) a
bloodthirsty member of an elite caste; a different bloodthirsty
member of a different elite caste, and a carrion-eating reptile,

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