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Jacob gave a pretty thorough answer, so I'll just comment:

On Fri, 14 Jan 2000 16:33:19 +0100, Britta Koch wrote:

>When I read the names of Melissa's kids (Aerys, Teleri and Rhys, iirc), I thought "gorgeous names" and "wasn't Teleri an Elvish race
>in LoTR?".

Sort of.  I lost my copy of _Silmarillion_ so I can't go look it up, but
most of the time that's the first association people have with that name.
After we chose it, we found a fantasy series in which the heroine's name is
Teleri!  (Unfortunately it's not a very good series and the heroine is kind
of a wimp...)

Also, Jacob has never really read the Deryni series(es?) by Katherine
Kurtz--Rhys Thuryn was my favorite character from the Camber series.

We have always had a very hard time agreeing on names for our kids.  Maybe
we should throw it open to suggestions from the list!  :)  (I'm all for
Sophie, but Jacob's against the idea)

>But even though I think Galadriel or Arwen are nice names, I'm not sure that I would call my child that, because a) in Germany, you have to add a name
>that indicates the child's gender (how would Arwen Maria sound?), and b) people would never be able to spell / pronounce it [2].

I wish people had to do that here.  Ungendered names are extremely
popular--Dakota, Hunter, Taylor, etc.  I know children, both male and
female, with each of those names.  Although I'm more irritated with people
who don't know enough about standard pronunciation rules and spell their
kids's names, oh I can't think now, but there's a common
joke about a woman who named her daughters Orangejello and Lemonjello (put
the primary emphasis on the second syllable and the secondary on the
fourth--lem-ON-jell-oh) and I can't remember now if it's true or an urban
legend.  That sort of thing.  Or spelling their kids' names in a way that's
counterintuitive.  (Collin is a GREAT way to force that pronunciation, by
the way.)

Melissa Proffitt
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