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Fri Jan 14 12:38:48 EST 2000

On Fri, 14 Jan 2000 16:33:19 +0100, Britta Koch wrote:

>When I read the names of Melissa's kids (Aerys, Teleri and Rhys, iirc), I thought "gorgeous names" and "wasn't Teleri an Elvish race
>in LoTR?". Where did you get these names? Do they have any second names?

I'll pop in on that one and let Melissa correct me where needed.

Teleri Elayne
Teleri is a popular Welsh name and I got it from my welsh class while
Melissa was pregnant with her.  We liked the name so we adopted it.
Elayne comes from the Wheel of Time series and has the added advantage of
being like my mother's name (Elaine).

Aerin Aviendha
Aerin is from Robin McKinley's "Hero and the Crown" (I think.  Suddenly I'm
not so sure)
Aviendha comes from the Wheel of Time series and goes well with Aerin.

Rhys David
Rhys is again a popular Welsh name that we liked.
David is Melissa's father's name and something of a family heritage.

So there you are.  The Proffitt family naming scheme.  We're hotly debating
what to name the next one and time is slowly running out . . .

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