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> to Hate the way she always had some antisocial woman misfit be scapegoated
>  > for every crime and die a horrible death, always convicted first of just
>  > being surly and not as talented as the main characters. Uh!

How true!  There's at least one book, where a woman tries to start a new 
Hold, and does a number of devious and nasty things to get personnel and 
money for it.  In the end, not only does she fail, but she gets some nasty 
disfiguring disease and becomes ugly!  The worst fate!  What is so maddening 
about this is that if a man had done it, it would have been heroic. Even her 
"good" females seem to become "bad" --grasping, unsymapthetic, 
anti-dragon--as they age.  aarrg.  And I loved her early books.

Isn't it strange that Robin McKinley was able to write two separate and 
completely different books on the same original story--Rose Daughter and Beaut
y-   The original blurbs, before publication, made people think that she was 
writing a sequel...

I'm looking forward to another Garth Nix book.  I LOVED Sabriel, but found 
that Shade's Children seemed rather routine--yet another after-the-disaster 
story.  Rag Witch was pretty good.  

How about Maurice Gee?  He had some interesting books -- although their 
titles escape me at the moment (11:57 pm).  And there was one book by Carol 
Noland?  The Power of the Rellard--I really liked that one; should have taken 
it when my library discarded it, instead of waiting a day and finding the 
custodian'd trashed it.

I'm happy to see that they're going to reprint Carol Kendall's The Gammage Cup
 and The Whisper of Glocken.  Well, actually, Whisper isn't all that great, 
but Cup is super.

Melissa, I still don't know who is supposed to get the tape next.  Of course, 
I could just keep it for my greedy self...

Devra--off to Colorado Springs for a weekend of Renaissance and Medieval food 
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