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>>Neil Gaiman - Amanda , Jenwa, Nat, Vanessa
>>---Nat: I am still in awe of the Sandman series, but I also love his
>>stand-alone pieces: Mr Punch, Signal to Noise, Violent Cases, etc. He has a
>>way of passin g on profound questions to the reader without answering them
>>that I find uncanny. And for someone whose characters spend so much time
>>wrestling demons (literally) I find his work incredibly humane.
>>---Melissa: Also my forgotten favorites.
>>---Tarja: Sandman is a wonderful book. Gaiman has an unparalleled

>>---Elise: I have a confession.  I've tried reading him, but I'm just not
>>into it. Teach me to see!

Mr Punch
or Signal to Noise
both of which cut down on the gothic excesses or comic-strip styling that
may have turned you off to Sandman. Or maybe I should ask what turned you

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>I've also like his novels and short stories in addition to his graphic
>novels. I read Stardust first as a novel and thought it a nice fairy tale
>-like story. Then I got the graphic novel Stardust as a birthday present
>from a friend, and it was so much better.  I just love this artist's (whose
>name has totally vanished from my mind at the moment) work in this context.
>He has created some wonderfully vivid images based on Gaiman's text.

I find Smoke and Mirrors (short story collection) a very mixed bag. I think
the collection should have been shortened by about 1/3. Gaiman is at his
best when he's allowed to think visually: Neverwhere (novel) is based on a
TV script, and is wondrous. 

The artist who did the art for Stardust is Charles Vess,and you should look
for his work, which is wonderful. He's done a series of comic books called
(I think) the Book of Ballads and Sagas, in which he does graphic renderings
of great old stories, often retold by top-of-the-line fantasy writers like
Yolen, Gaiman and de Lint. He also did the Faerie sequences in Sandman
(including the Midsummer Nights Dream issue that won the World Fantasy

I recommend to all who readSandman the new Sandman Companion. It's a fun
read, and helped sort out the series in my mind. The bulk of it is a series
of interviews with Gaiman which have some useful insights into both his
process and what exactly he Meant By That.


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