Robin McKinley and Patricia McKillip

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>I think this also has something to do with the reader's age and at what
>point he or she read those particular books by McKinley and McKillip. I for
>one read the early works by both as a teenager fairly soon after they were
>published. At that point they gave me that incredible sense of wonder and
>amazement. As I have grown older, even though I thought their work good, it
>just didn't give that same feeling any more. This is perhaps why the older
>works have retained that magical power in my mind. If I discovered them for
>the first time today, I don't know if I would react the same way and would
>they feel as wonderful now as then. Sorry if this seems incoherent.

 Not the least bit incoherent. I think while our _understanding_ of the arts
gets stronger and more coherent as we get older, it gets harder to capture
that "Ohmygawd!" quality, certainly with the same material. Or at least I
would hope it would. The fact that Jones doesn't have the same impact on me
as when I was 12 or 18 or even 25 means (I hope) that the angst that largely
fueled those NEEDY feelings about those stories has been resolved. I still
love the stories, and I still go back to them for inspiration, but 
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