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Fri Jan 14 10:33:19 EST 2000


When I read the names of Melissa's kids (Aerys, Teleri and Rhys, iirc), I thought "gorgeous names" and "wasn't Teleri an Elvish race
in LoTR?". Where did you get these names? Do they have any second names?

I don't have a second name[1], but at least my first name comes from a book: Astrid Lindgren's "Bullerbu(e?)" series. As a child, I didn't 
like my name very much (I think no one does), but later I got to be proud that it was a name from a lovely book.

But even though I think Galadriel or Arwen are nice names, I'm not sure that I would call my child that, because a) in Germany, you have to add a name
that indicates the child's gender (how would Arwen Maria sound?), and b) people would never be able to spell / pronounce it [2].

Any of your thoughts / feelings on names, your own or other ones?


P.S.: When my Mom was pregnant with me and asked my 6-year-old sister whether to call me Julia[3], my sister asked "what month will she be born?",
and then said "why not Novembia?" - clever, wasn't she?

[1] my parents have names like Veronika Lisa Hildegard and Werner Peter Klaus - so they're not too keen on second names.

[2] My boyfriend's called Collin, spelt with a double l on purpose so people will not pronounce it with a long o.

[3] Juli means July in German (in case you hadn't guessed).

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