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Fri Jan 14 10:13:30 EST 2000

And now for the second part of the survey:

>Alexandre Dumas - Sarah
>---Tarja: The classic. A French serialization of The Count of Monte Christo
>with Gerard Depardieu in the title role is just being shown on Finnish tv
>-it is just magnificent, though they have taken some liberties with the plot
>when compared to the book. This is something that sometimes (though not
>always) bothers me a lot when a book has been filmed or adapted to tv.

That tv series' ending was horrible, atrocious, just simple awful (the last
part came last Saturday) Couldn't help going EH!!!???, what happened??? It
had nothing to do with Dumas' book. I hate it when they do this with films
and tv series that are based on books. Sorry, but I am just too angry with
the makers of that series.

>Neil Gaiman - Amanda , Jenwa, Nat, Vanessa
>---Nat: I am still in awe of the Sandman series, but I also love his
>stand-alone pieces: Mr Punch, Signal to Noise, Violent Cases, etc. He has a
>way of passin g on profound questions to the reader without answering them
>that I find uncanny. And for someone whose characters spend so much time
>wrestling demons (literally) I find his work incredibly humane.
>---Melissa: Also my forgotten favorites.
>---Tarja: Sandman is a wonderful book. Gaiman has an unparalleled
>---Elise: I have a confession.  I've tried reading him, but I'm just not
>into it. Teach me to see!

I've also like his novels and short stories in addition to his graphic
novels. I read Stardust first as a novel and thought it a nice fairy tale
-like story. Then I got the graphic novel Stardust as a birthday present
from a friend, and it was so much better.  I just love this artist's (whose
name has totally vanished from my mind at the moment) work in this context.
He has created some wonderfully vivid images based on Gaiman's text.

>Ursula LeGuin, - Deborah, Deirdre, Nat,Hallie
>---Nat: Like Gaiman, a tremendously humane writer. She really cares for all
>her characters. Searoad is my favorite of hers, I think, though Lathe of
>Heaven affected me more.
>---Tarja: The Earthsea books are  childhood favourites which have maintained
>their place among my favourite books.

I have to add, that I also like her essays. The Left Hand of Darkness was
also great. And Those Who Walk Away from Omelas is a really powerful short

>Terry Pratchett - Amanda , Jenwa, Melissa , Vanessa
Call me a heretic, but I just don't think him that funny. I have read
several book by him and think them mostly amusing, but not laugh-out-loud

Sorry if these replies were too long for you, but I thought it easier to
reply to whole lists that to cut and paste all those little snippets of
text (ok, call me lazy ;))


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