Books that changed me, compiled (LONG!)

Tarja Rainio tarja.rainio at
Fri Jan 14 09:41:26 EST 2000

Ok, now that I've read the surveys through, here are some short thoughts on
separate books:

>Beagle, FOLK OF THE AIR -Deborah
>---SallyO: Ah yes - I really liked this one on first reading, but I haven't
>re-read it enough to make it a proper favourite yet. Did anyone else dislike
>the better-known LAST UNICORN? FINE AND PRIVATE PLACE is fun, too.

I read Last Unicorn last year for the first time, and thought it nice, but
not that wonderful. I don't know, it just didn't resonate with me that
much. I've never read anything else by him.

>Homer, THE ODYSSEY--Jenwa
>--- Elise: I'd like to read what Penelope Really Thought about her husband's
>hijinx. Also, I thought that Circe was a spirited lass.  I'd like to know
>more about her. -

Have you come across The Mud Poems by Margaret Atwood (I think it was she,
and I think that was the name of the poems... my failing memory =P). They
are sort of a take on Odyssey from Circe's viewpoint. If I remember
correctly, they were very angry poems, very early work by Atwood.

>ed. Terri Windling, SNOW WHITE, ROSE RED Series - Nat
>---Tarja: I just love these collections and Terri Windling (with or without
>Ellen Datlow) has edited several other wonderful anthologies as well. I
>especially like their Year's Best Fantasy and Horror collections.
>---Hallie: Is this the one by P. Wrede? or is the series something

The books I mean (other titles include Black Thorn, White Rose and Ruby
Slippers, Golden Tears at least, and BTW, the first one is Snow White,
Blood Red) are anthologies of modern retakes on traditional fairy tales.
Some of those stories are just amazing. There have been some really good
ones in them as well as some not so good ones =). Wrede's single novel, on
the other hand, was published in Tor Books's Fairy Tales for Adults (or
something like that) series, which published several novels by different


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