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>I don't yet have children of my own to read to, but when I do (in years to
>come) I do intend to read to them a lot. And if they'll be even the
>tiniest bit like me, they are going to love it.
>My parents used to read me books when I was little....

I don't think I can improve on my web page about reading
to small children. My view comes from having been read 
to, but I did read to my daughter almost 30 years ago,
and she has become a voracious reader in her own right.

I see that I have addressed a possible reason as to why
a taped version might not be quite as good as direct
reading by a parent: I think that a big part of learning
to read is following along with the reader and beginning
to see the relationship between the spoken word and the
marks on the page. Simply not available with a taped
version, unless perhaps a video tape where the reader
follows the narrative with a finger on the page. Haven't
tried that, so I can't say whether it would work.

Anyhow, the web page:

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