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Thu Jan 13 23:50:12 EST 2000

On Fri, 14 Jan 2000 12:48:24 +1100, Sally Odgers wrote:

>Madeleine Brent's real name is Peter O'Donnell and he writes (wrote?) a
>series about someone called Modesty Blaise. 

Thank you, Sally!  (see other post about memory, loss of)

>Madeleine has a style rather
>similar to Mary Stewart's - I always thought, and still think, she's better
>than Victoria Holt.

I agree.  I can't remember a single detail about Victoria Holt's books--they
all sort of blur together--but I still remember _Merlin's Keep_ distinctly.

> I can't swallow Victoria at all, but I can still read
>Madeleine when I'm in the mood. As I said before - mainly to play
>spot-the-link! I think she wrote 11 books, but they're known under
>different titles in the US, so sometimes it's confusing. STRANGER AT
>WILDINGS in the US is KIRKBY'S CHANGELING in the UK and Australia. One that
>fascinated me in an evil sort of way was GOLDEN URCHIN which is set in
>Australia! Yes, there's my old home country masquerading as an exotic
>setting... it hardly fits in with the Hindu Kush, China during the Boxer
>Rebellion, the wilds of Chekoslovakia (sp?) and Venice, does it? 

You mean Australia isn't an exotic setting?  Full of tough crocodile hunters
and mysterious aboriginal dreamwalkers and critters that someone tossed
together from all the leftover bits from other continents?  :)  I keep
telling Jacob, if he can get transfered there, I'd like it...unfortunately I
appear to be doomed to live in Salt Lake City for the rest of my natural
life, or until I run screaming back to the Northwest.

Melissa Proffitt
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