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On Thu, 13 Jan 2000 18:32:11 -0500, McMullin, Elise wrote:

>	I liked Castle in the Air and while I see the trueness of the points
>folks have raised - I don't know, somehow it didn't bother me.   I liked the
>protagonists in Castle a lot.  I thought they were very interesting people
>in a way that was sort of quiet and tucked out of sight - perhaps due to
>their very good manners.  Made them an interesting contrast with Howl and
>Sophie.  I was tickled when Howl and Sophie showed up (or were revealed) but
>I was focused on the new story.

For me it was simply and only expecting one thing and getting another.  As I
think about it, this may be the thing that irritates me most when I'm
reading.  I hadn't realized it was such a problem--possibly because it
doesn't happen often.  Second to this would be when I see possibilities in
the book that the author doesn't explore (did someone say something about
arrogance?)  And then, of course, crappy writing.  If you get me in the
right mood I might start off on Sharon Green....
>Oh, it was me who mentioned H.M. Hoover - haven't read her in ages but some
>comment reminded me of her.  I'd like to revisit her books, and Zilpha
>Keatley Snyder's as well.  Just a bit of trivia - does anyone remember a
>trilogy that started with a book called Witch's Sister?  Just trying to
>remember that one.
By Phyllis Reynolds Naylor, yes.  (I hope.  Have you all noticed that my
memory has finally started to go?  For anyone who's never been pregnant,
this is possibly the most bizarre effect it has on the human body.  It's
like a whole lot of little roadblocks in my head--I *know* the information
is there, but I can't trust myself to retrieve it any more....)  Anyway,
yes!  This was such a fun series--possibly my first introduction to dark
fantasy.  She wrote at least one more book in the series after I finished
reading it...let's see, _Witch's Sister_, the middle one, and _The Witch
Herself_.  Need to add those to the list of books to find.  That and _The
Girl with the Silver Eyes_.  Completely unrelated, but I just now thought of
the title.  Probably I read them at the same time.  Oh well.

Melissa Proffitt
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