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> Actually I discovered something odd when I was checking our library
> Now, remember that this library system is TERRIBLE...but still, they had
> something like 90 entries for Victoria Holt, 38 for Philippa Carr, 90 for
> Jean Plaidy--and 3 for Madeleine Brent.  I had always thought that Brent
> one of those Big Names in Victorian romance, so I thought this was
> Also they had no links to any other names under Madeleine Brent, or any
> notes on the author's real name.  I got so used to being able to use the
> library catalog as a research tool....

Madeleine Brent's real name is Peter O'Donnell and he writes (wrote?) a
series about someone called Modesty Blaise. Madeleine has a style rather
similar to Mary Stewart's - I always thought, and still think, she's better
than Victoria Holt. I can't swallow Victoria at all, but I can still read
Madeleine when I'm in the mood. As I said before - mainly to play
spot-the-link! I think she wrote 11 books, but they're known under
different titles in the US, so sometimes it's confusing. STRANGER AT
WILDINGS in the US is KIRKBY'S CHANGELING in the UK and Australia. One that
fascinated me in an evil sort of way was GOLDEN URCHIN which is set in
Australia! Yes, there's my old home country masquerading as an exotic
setting... it hardly fits in with the Hindu Kush, China during the Boxer
Rebellion, the wilds of Chekoslovakia (sp?) and Venice, does it? 

The Brents I have in my (mostly second hand) collection are the following;

Brent, Madeleine, The Capricorn Stone  (Mexico??? can't remember - the
heroine's deceased father is a jewel thief.)
Brent, Madeleine, Golden Urchin  (Australia - white girl brought up as an
Brent, Madeleine, A Heritage of Shadows  (girl sold to a brothel and
escapes to a flat in Paris - gets mixed up with a revolutionary leader)
Brent, Madeleine, Kirkby’s Changeling (circus troupe in Europe and
mysterious secret society)
Brent, Madeleine, The Long Masquerade  (ummm - Trinidad or some such place.
Girl with vicious husband escapes with fisherman and winds up with a
professional gambler)
Brent, Madeleine, Merlin’s Keep  (Hindu Kush - girl sold into slavery after
her paretns were killed in a massacre. Escapes then has to return.)
Brent, Madeleine, Moonraker’s Bride  (Orphan in Chinese mission's care - is
sent to England.)
Brent, Madeleine, Stormswift.  (ummmm - girl goes "on the road" with an
English Lord who is pretending to be a puppeteer, I think it's set in
France or Italy. Get's mixed up with a man who has a murderous wife.)
Brent, Madeleine, Tregaron’s Daughter  (Girl with Venetion heritage returns
to her roots after her Cornish father is killed in a boating accident.
Inheritance tangle and attempted murder.)

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