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Thu Jan 13 18:32:11 EST 2000

	Melissa said:

	"Maybe the way she thinks about plot is just not conducive to
> sequels--at least not ones implicit in the first book.  Personally, I
> would
> have preferred not knowing that _Castle_ was a "sequel" to HMC, because it
> isn't truly.  I was expecting a TRUE sequel, one that focused on Howl and
> Sophie etc., and it was disappointing the first time because of my
> expectations (better the second time, naturally).  But it is something you
> ought to know if you haven't read either, for the reason Philip says."
	I liked Castle in the Air and while I see the trueness of the points
folks have raised - I don't know, somehow it didn't bother me.   I liked the
protagonists in Castle a lot.  I thought they were very interesting people
in a way that was sort of quiet and tucked out of sight - perhaps due to
their very good manners.  Made them an interesting contrast with Howl and
Sophie.  I was tickled when Howl and Sophie showed up (or were revealed) but
I was focused on the new story.

Oh, it was me who mentioned H.M. Hoover - haven't read her in ages but some
comment reminded me of her.  I'd like to revisit her books, and Zilpha
Keatley Snyder's as well.  Just a bit of trivia - does anyone remember a
trilogy that started with a book called Witch's Sister?  Just trying to
remember that one.

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