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Wed Jan 12 19:36:57 EST 2000

	Kevin wrote:

	"A real danger is when individual books become sequelised (is that a
> where the author or the publisher persists in writing sequels or prequels
> that ultimately devalue and dilute the inspiration for the first novel."
	ah hate it when that happens.

> Marion Bradley is fighting the temptation with Darkover a little
Did you know she passed away?  I was reading those Light books (Ghost Light,
Witch Light, Night Light, Bright Light - getting punchy) and interestingly
the very last one was this kind of memoir of the battles for Good of a grand
old man.  And after it came out, she passed away.  I really don't have any
point to this.

>  Anne McCaffrey has lost the plot with Pern and is wringing every last
> drop out of that world
I wish she could be declared Unfit and have custody taken from her.  I still
think there's a lot of possibility to Pern.  What happened?  And I just came
to Hate the way she always had some antisocial woman misfit be scapegoated
for every crime and die a horrible death, always convicted first of just
being surly and not as talented as the main characters. Uh!

	"Andre Norton killed Witch World by dragging in other novels, like
> Gryphon series."
	I was all over the Witch World series before I read them, because of
the name.  Then I read a couple and it just wasn't there for me.  Darkover
sounds great too.  I read her latest one, sort of about magic talent as a
smell and it was, well, it just wasn't so good - kind of lifeless, I

	"Regardless of your satisfaction with them, they are at least fresh
and original. This is what attracted us to DWJ and it is what will keep us

	When it comes to dwj, dwj knows best.  I'll have it her way.


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