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Wed Jan 12 15:47:51 EST 2000

Melissa wrote:

>I think in general people who learn to read early are more likely to have a
>fundamental love of reading, or to think of reading as a form of
>entertainment as opposed to a chore.  Now, why they're all reading DWJ I
>have no idea.  Good taste?  Seriously, most of the people I've known who are
>avid readers learned to read at least before entering school.
I was quite late reading - like many other latish readers, it mostly had to
do with enjoying being read to.  Luckily, I had a sensible teacher, who
told my parents I'd just start one day, which was exactly what happened.
And I was certainly avid, from then on.  One of my best times was when we
moved back to Ireland, and I couldn't get into the secondary school they
thought would take me (I was only 11, and you're supposed to be 12), and I
was out of school for about 3 weeks.  Every day I was allowed to walk over
to the local bookshop and buy something.  BLISS.  All those wonderful

I still read to my two every night. Becca decidedly gets the best deal, as
she writes on the computer while I read to Cara, and can listen selectively
as she chooses, and then gets her own time as well when Cara's in bed.
There truly is no justice in this world.

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