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Wed Jan 12 16:04:00 EST 2000

On Wed, 12 Jan 2000, McMullin, Elise wrote:

> There are a lot of very early readers on this list,
> aren't there? 

For the record: two and a half, I think, and never stopped. My own
kids aren't that early, though I think they're just as smart; perhaps
because I was an only child and my parents had *time* to sit down and
read with me, and mine have to share our attention with two sisters

Naomi could read her name, most letters and a few familiar words at
four, the way her sisters do now. Once she started learning
"properly" at school she went for it like a rocket and is now reading
at second-grade level in the middle of first grade. Fortunately, the
school caters for that; she can go to second grade to borrow books
when she's finished her usual work. I wasn't that lucky :-(


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