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Wed Jan 12 15:54:16 EST 2000

Hallo all!

Happy New Year, Century, Millennium, etc.

Sorry for my lapse in responses--it's been crazy busy here, plus I'll be away 
for the next 2-3 weeks.  So-o-o...the lapse will be a little longer I'm 
afraid  (:

I finally had a chance to look at my e-mail inbox yesterday....  Now that 
I've regained consciousness (how many hundred e-mails was that?)  I think 
that perhaps I will unsubscribe temporarily from the individual e-mails, and 
just keep subscribed to the digests until I come back.   Hope I can catch 
up....  What little I've glimpsed looks so yummy how will I ever be able to 
tear myself away from the keyboard?  (eg: I didn't know you homeschooled too, 
Melissa!  And participation rants.  And the survey results!  Aaagh!  No fair, 
you guys!...I'm supposed to be packing and paying bills.  Perhaps I shall 
print out the digests and take them with me.  After all "one should always 
have something sensational to read on the train..."  [Rats, I forgot to put 
Oscar Wilde in my favorites list...] )

Hope you all had wonderful holidays,

Bye, and see you all in a few weeks...
Max <still back in the 1900's>
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