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Wed Jan 12 15:43:02 EST 2000

Elise shared:

"Then, from behind the door come the sounds of suffering and horror as
someone who loves language and writing is subjected to diabolic, prolonged
torture-"aaaiieee! That's not a word either!"  "10 fragments on one page! One
Page! aaarrrgh." "Why? Why??" "No, please don't spell it wrong again!" "No
more! Please! No more!"

Oh, heavens, that's hilarious!  I love the bit about the "sex and
shopping" novels.  (Reminds me of George Eliot's  "Silly Novels by Lady
Novelists", where she animadverts on the "mind and millinery" species.
Most amusing.  The extracts from the novels had me howling with laughter
in a university library.)  And what a delicious backstage perspective on
all those treewasting Things lining airport stalls.  (How bitterly unfair
that good books hardly ever get to benefit from a captive audience!)


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