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Don't read the spoiler, folks....

>The review was entitled something like "gang rape" and it talked about the
>part where the soldiers attack the protagonist's sister (Shona? or
>soemthing like that)  That was a section that bothered me a little too
>when I read it.  Since DWJ wasn't explicit, I was unsure whether the rape
>was completed or not, but the intent was clearly there.  And I remember
>being a little put off by the way someone just does some sort of memory
>spell to make the woman forget the incident nd it's never brought up
>again.  It's been a while since I
>read it (obviously), but I would be interested to know your thoughts about
>that part.

I don't think the rape was completed.  For one thing, everything happened
VERY quickly.  For another, there were a lot of men attacking Shona and I
think it would take time for them to get sorted out.  Obviously that was
their intent, but even more than that was their intent to humiliate and
terrify Shona--and being attacked and pawed at by those horrible men, who
she was already a little afraid of, would seem sufficiently awful to me.  I
think the reviewer put his or her own spin on it--since there's also no
overt evidence that the rape actually didn't happen.

The fact that DWJ *isn't* explicit is what makes this work so well.  It was
so incredibly creepy and awful that I hated reading it--as though I could
feel their greasy hands on me or something.  I don't think it much matters
whether the rape was completed or not.  The fact that that's what they were
going for--the knowledge of what would have eventually happened--is enough.

And as Philip says in his post, Shona doesn't forget.  She's made to feel as
though the whole thing happened a long time ago, so that she can cope with
it herself.  If it were me in Shona's position, this is EXACTLY what I would
want...some sort of memory-dulling so I wouldn't have to keep reliving it in
my head.  It was Scales's gift to her, I think.

Melissa Proffitt
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