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Wed Jan 12 12:34:51 EST 2000

Laurie's spoiler:

> The review was entitled something like "gang rape" and it talked about the
> part where the soldiers attack the protagonist's sister (Shona? or
> soemthing like that)  That was a section that bothered me a little too
> when I read it.  Since DWJ wasn't explicit, I was unsure whether the rape
> was completed or not, but the intent was clearly there.  And I remember
> being a little put off by the way someone just does some sort of memory
> spell to make the woman forget the incident nd it's never brought up
> again.  It's been a while since I read it (obviously), but I would be
> interested to know your thoughts about that part.

I hadn't thought of that.  At the time, it's presented slightly differently, as
I see it - Scales is doing healing spells on the characters the soldiers got at,
but the best he can do on Shona is to make it "seem longer ago" - the memory
spell you mention.  But as you say, the incident just passes out of the
narrative never to return: it doesn't affect Shona when she falls for - what was
his name?  Geoffrey? - which I think weakens it (evidence that she wasn't
actually raped, I suppose.)  The only later mention seems to be when Blade wakes
up to find people kidnapping Sukey, he thinks it's the incident with Shona,
until he's fully awake.

(To digress slightly, I'm amazed neither Blade nor Reville was more seriously
injured when they got trampled by the horses!)

As for DWJ not being explicit, that's one of the things I like about her work -
she doesn't go into explicit detail about things like that without good reason.
(Not that I read your comment as a criticism.)  I got the impression that the
rape wasn't completed (see above), but I can't present any hard evidence.


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