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McMullin, Elise emcmullin at
Wed Jan 12 11:43:13 EST 2000

	Satu said:

	"My parents used to read me books when I was little. But there was a
> problem - they didn't spend nearly enough time, in my opinion, for doing
> so. That was partly because my dad was then a travelling journalist and
> partly because I was VERY fond of certain stories and wanted them reread
> time and time again, and corrected them every time they tried to short cut
> their way to the end..."
	It was great, wasn't it?  We would always beg, cajole, flatter and
try to persuade my dad into One More Chapter!  Sometimes it even worked.

	"My father read all my favourite tales on tapes,
> then, and expected me to be just as happy listening the stories in that
> format, but it wasn't the same. (But I still have the tapes, about a dozen
> of them)"
	lol, a nice souvenir for now even if it wasn't up to snuff then.

	"Luckily I learnt to read at the age of two or three, and my parents
> started buying me books."
	That's amazing.  There are a lot of very early readers on this list,
aren't there?  I had to insist upon my rights to learn how to read and
write.  I guess I was about four, but it seemed to me that I had waited long
enough and it was time to get things moving.  I asked my mom to write my
name down and then grilled her as to what each letter was and things like
that.  Then I copied it over and over.  I felt a person should at least
recognize her name, as a start.

	"They told me I wasn't allowed to borrow more than four books/week
from the library,
> but that only caused me to read through all the books from THEIR
> bookshelves... (They pretty soon lifted the ban...)"
	heh heh heh, only four books - there's a futile exercise.  My dad
was always informing us he had signed us up for activities because otherwise
(he said and it was true) we would only lie around and read.  Ballet, summer
camp, soccer, swimming, indian princesses (like girl scouts only with
feathers - very un-p.c.), 4-H, basketball - none of these things would have
happened if my dad hadn't Informed me I was going to do it.  

	Digressing - Most of it was even fun, though my soccer coach did not
believe girls should play soccer (who commented on that in another topic?)
and was always making his attitude manifest. He actually encouraged the boys
to avoid passing to me and never let me be a forward, not to mention always
saying things about how the team was doomed now that he was saddled with
Useless Females.  Things have changed a lot in 20 years  :)

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