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Satu S Hlinovsky skanervi at
Wed Jan 12 11:03:14 EST 2000

I don't yet have children of my own to read to, but when I do (in years to
come) I do intend to read to them a lot. And if they'll be even the
tiniest bit like me, they are going to love it.
My parents used to read me books when I was little. But there was a
problem - they didn't spend nearly enough time, in my opinion, for doing
so. That was partly because my dad was then a travelling journalist and
partly because I was VERY fond of certain stories and wanted them reread
time and time again, and corrected them every time they tried to short cut 
their way to the end... My father read all my favourite tales on tapes,
then, and expected me to be just as happy listening the stories in that
format, but it wasn't the same. (But I still have the tapes, about a dozen
of them)
Luckily I learnt to read at the age of two or three, and my parents
started buying me books. My dad got really good at finding just the things
I wanted to read - even though I had never known I wanted to read them 
before getting the books. He has lead me to several books and authors that
have become my all time favourits: DWJ, Holdstock, Henlein, Lord of the
Rings, Elfquest, Narnia...
Of course my parents did not only encourage me to read. After having
succeeded too well in it, they also tried to put limits to my reading. I
think that happened when I was about twelve and spent almost all my time
reading ravenously, at the rate of about fifty volumes a week. They told
me I wasn't allowed to borrow more than four books/week from the library,
but that only caused me to read through all the books from THEIR
bookshelves... (They pretty soon lifted the ban...)

With two book-loving parents I grew up to be a book-lover myself. And
eneded up marrying one, as well. Now that I'm temporarily living in Prague
where books cost only a fraction of the prices in Finland, I've been
happily buying just about every interesting book I have happened to lay my
eyes on,(and my husband has been doing the same, it seems) with the
consequence that we shall have to buy a new bookshelf as soon as we get
back home... Oh, well...


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