collated comments: favorite authors (LONG!)

Sally Odgers sodgers at
Wed Jan 12 09:38:46 EST 2000

we don't
> >intend to stop reading to them. 

I read to my son until he was 16 or so! He could and did/does read
perfectly well, but we share similar taste and he used to enjoy
listening... the trouble was the chapters were sooooo long my voice used to
wear out. He used to like it when I read him the first chapter of a book.
That way he could find out, painlessly, if he liked it!

My daughter, OTOH, never did like being read to much after she was 7 or so.
That was disappointing but we have such dissimilar taste it's probably just
as well. 

James is 19 now - grown up and in the RAAF. He's on leave at present, but
about to go back to work on the mainland. I guess I won't see him again for
several months ... wish we were rich and could afford air-fares to visit
more! Phone calls just aren't the same. 

Alister; ‘I thought I’d been carefully consigned to the trash bin.’
Trina;  ‘Like an unsolicited e-mail?’
Alister; ‘Exactly like that’  (KISSING COUSINS

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