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Sally Odgers sodgers at hotnet.net.au
Wed Jan 12 09:28:46 EST 2000

> like _Changeover_ and _Skiver's Guide_, but I'm interested in the other
> that people just haven't gotten to yet, or whatever.

I've never read three of the Dalemark ones, Melissa. I tried one and didn't
much like it (heresy!) so I've not gone for the others. There are some
short stories I haven't read, either.... aside from that, I'd say only
CHANGEOVER and S-G. I'm lucky in that I'm old enough to have come in on the
ground floor. I read the early titles when they were fairly new, and as a
life-long book-buyer I collected the first three or so even though I didn't
get hooked immediately. I read DOGSBODY and thought it was interesting. 
"A writer to watch!" I told myself with all the arrogance of a teenaged
fantasy writer. I then acquired OGRE and POWER OF THREE. "She'll get it
next time," I assured myself, disappointed by the last third of POWER. The
next one I got my mits on was CHARMED LIFE and the rest, as they say, is
history. I own most of them now, tho' I have only THE FOUR GRANNIES and
WILD ROBERT of the younger titles. I've read CHAIR PERSON and AUGUSTUS
FLINT but didn't feel the need to collect them. I'm not really a completist
and judge each book on its merits *according to my taste*. 

Today I got two books in the mail; one was ROSE DAUGHTER (McKinley) the
other THE CATS OF HONEYTOWN, a book I've been after for many years. I read
it as a child, then it vanished and I was beginning to think it was a myth!

“I do not know you. I do not wish to know you.” (Garnet Perry to Jeremiah

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