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On 11 Jan 00 19:31:07 PST, Sarah Imholt wrote:

>I also got started on Bujold because of this list's recommendations, and I
>read CORDELIA'S HONOR, but which book am I supposed to read next?  I am a
>stickler for reading a set of books IN ORDER....can anyone give me a rundown
>of the list?

Check the back of any of the most recently published books (i.e. even the
republished editions of the earliest books) and you'll find a timeline of
events, with the books each happens in.  But that will sort of give spoilers
for the series...

The Warrior's Apprentice
The Vor Game
Brothers in Arms
Mirror Dance
A Civil Campaign

The book _Borders of Infinity_ contains three short stories set in a frame
story.  The frame story takes place after _Brothers in Arms_, and you can
read it at that point in the series; if you want to be a complete stickler,
read "The Mountains of Mourning" after _Warrior's Apprentice_, "Labyrinth"
and "The Borders of Infinity" after _Cetaganda_.

Melissa Proffitt
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