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Tue Jan 11 23:31:01 EST 2000

> Did I include Garth Nix in the list of faves?  I should have.  He is an
> author--Sally?  SABRIEL is in the same vein as 

Yes, that's right. I know Garth slightly; he edited my book AMY AMARYLLIS
in 1992. That was before he became a writer. He was a very good editor, too
- but after a bit he went into doing non-fiction which I thought was a

He and I had releases in the same month; SABRIEL and my AURORA. SAB was his
second book, AURORA my 60 somethingth.

Just as a matter of an oddity - my Aurora out-sold Sabriel in Australia,
but Garth was listed as a best-seller and I wasn't. As an editor remarked
to me "That's odd, isn't it?"

I thought Sabriel was wonderful and would probably hit the Book of the Year
list and was very surprised when it didn't. His first book was called THE

Finally - Garth is a DWJ fan too. He lent me a copy of BLACK MARIA!


“And I feel vulnerable enough without having to worry about a permanent
take-over bid or a spot of in-house character assassination.”

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