The Perilous Gard

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Tue Jan 11 18:26:01 EST 2000

Oh dear.  It seems all I've been doing of late is read books you lovely
people have mentioned.  (And the Algebra problems are piling up.  Oh dear,
again.  Britta, I second your proposal most thoroughly.  There was a
German short story I read about ten, twelve years a go about a writer who
interviewed some supernatural creature all in one night because that
creature had a time-expansion machine.  Oh, I still drool over that.)

All these raptures are occasioned by The Perilous Gard, which I read this
afternoon (and this about promising myself that I'd put it away, like a
sane and diligent girl, and do my homework first).  Oh what a lovely
book--the sense of the period, the sense of place (something I find very
important in getting into a story, maybe even more important than the
characters or the plot, though perhaps not), the characters, the lovely
lovely names!  and the testing of Kate is quite wonderfully done,
too--quiet rather than flashy heroism, morally tough and convincing.

As to overparticipation, Irina, I thoroughly sympathize.  Oh, how I
sympathize. I've nothing productive to say on the topic (I'm a chronic
overparticipant myself and I've just decided that I'm quiet enough on  a
day to day basis to make up for it), but my heart goes out to you.

 And,on a different topic,speaking of clever students getting
along uneasily with less clever teachers, last night at  a reading of As
You Like It, a couple of lines leaped out at me.  "By my troth, we that
have good wits have much to answer for.  We shall be flouting; we cannot
hold."  This from Touchstone, the marvellous fool.


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