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Irina Rempt ira at
Tue Jan 11 17:43:56 EST 2000

On Tue, 11 Jan 2000, Melissa Proffitt wrote:

> my girls, who are almost-6 and 4 years old.

So are mine! The twins' birthday is 2nd September, so they're almost
four and a half, and Naomi will be 6 in two weeks and a day, on the

> Reading level is the only
> way that the age difference between them shows up:  Aerin is just slightly
> too young to sit still for certain books, while Teleri sucks up everything.

I recognize that. They take turns choosing a book to read, and the
little ones tend to choose either one story from a book of short
stories or a picture book from the library, while Naomi wants "Pippi
Longstocking" and more of it, and more of it! (To be honest, I'm
getting a bit tired of it after reading a volume and a half in
twice-weekly instalments). In a few years they'll probably take turns
choosing the book to read every night until finished - we don't
intend to stop reading to them. After all, we still read to Naomi
even if she's reading by herself now, voraciously, in good family
tradition :-)  


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