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Kevin Jones jonesk at
Tue Jan 11 17:15:18 EST 2000

There has been many mentions of book series on the list - the Robert
Jordans, etc. It seems to me that these a re a bit of a mess and sometimes
an indication of poor editing and control.

Certainly the Dalemark Quartet was not intended as such but were separate
stories set in a similar world, but at very different times. The weakness of
the quartet is the attempt to link them through the fourth book. The
individual books read independently are very good.

The Chrestomancis are also excellent individual books.

A real danger is when individual books become sequelised (is that a word?)
where the author or the publisher persists in writing sequels or prequels
that ultimately devalue and dilute the inspiration for the first novel.
Peter Dickinson succumbed for his Changes Trilogy, Isobelle Carmody has
become "Jordanised" (I am becoming lazy with my vocabulary, sorry) with her
Obernewtyn Chronicles - they're becoming thinner and longer, Marion Bradley
is fighting the temptation with Darkover a little, Anne McCaffrey has lost
the plot with Pern and is wringing every last drop out of that world, lastly
Andre Norton killed Witch World by dragging in other novels, like her
Gryphon series.

I apologise for ranting but I implore people to not keep wishing for sequels
for any DWJ books. I would rather she worked on new challenging works that
ever wimp out for a sequel. If she had done this we would not have had good
original works like DEEP SECRET. Regardless of your satisfaction with them,
they are at least fresh and original. This is what attracted us to DWJ and
it is what will keep us loyal.

Kevin Jones

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