Madeleine Brent

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Tue Jan 11 16:36:19 EST 2000

> >Madeleine Brent - SallyO
> >---SallyO: Another she who was a "he".
> I know this is the same person who wrote under the name Victoria Holt 
What?!  No way!

> (I think I'm remembering correctly) but I didn't know it was actually a
> man.
Me either!

> Brent and Holt were my mind candy when I was a teenager; later I moved to
> Regency romances rather than Victorian.
I never read Brent but I second that on the Holt mind candy.  Then there was
a hiatus and I picked one up after a few years and found it unreadable.

Oo, I have a little story related to that.  A guy I know works in publishing
and he told me that his house publishes one of those, how can I describe
this, Big Authors who writes those sagas for women - those big thick ones
which I think I've heard called "sex & shopping" novels.  So whenever the
new manuscript comes in, it falls to his editor to go over it.  That day is
a dark day. Everyone watches the editor, reluctance and agony written all
over his face, heft the manuscript into his office and shut the door.  Then,
from behind the door come the sounds of suffering and horror as someone who
loves language and writing is subjected to diabolic, prolonged torture -
"aaaiieee! That's not a word either!"  "10 fragments on one page! One Page!
aaarrrgh." "Why? Why??" "No, please don't spell it wrong again!" "No more!
Please! No more!"

heh heh.  Don't you just want to see it for yourself?  One never knows what
suffering has gone into the creation books.

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