collated comments: favorite authors (LONG!)

Melissa Proffitt Melissa at
Tue Jan 11 16:14:25 EST 2000

>Ruth Chew - Nat
>---Nat : She doesn¹t go outside of what she does well,  which is tame
>fantasy set around Brooklyn¹s Prospect Park. Somehow, though, she taps the
>wonders of ³what if² just right almost every time.

The only one I've read is _The Wednesday Witch_.  I just finished reading it
to my girls, who are almost-6 and 4 years old.  Reading level is the only
way that the age difference between them shows up:  Aerin is just slightly
too young to sit still for certain books, while Teleri sucks up everything.
But when I started _Wednesday Witch_ I told Aerin she didn't have to sit
with us, and she said she would play with a toy nearby and maybe listen.  It
only took a few chapters for her to be cuddled up with us, listening as
avidly as her big sister.  Having read other books to them which I consider
to be on a slightly lower reading level (particularly John Peterson's
"Littles" books) and losing Aerin's attention with those, I have to conclude
that there's something in the subject matter and in the way she tells her
story that is just captivating.  

Melissa Proffitt
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