The True State of Affairs

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Tue Jan 11 12:18:21 EST 2000

Alexandra wrote:

> Grim!  Grim!  Grim Grim Grim!
> Grim!

Philip punned:

"Dare I say it?
It's Asgrim as anything else you're likely to read.
(Sorry.  Couldn't resist it)"

At which Alexandra loaded her crossbow and took careful aim. :)

Oddly, Asgrim's name has iiinteresting connections to Woden.  I do think that
 Grim (= Masked One, Hidden One) is one of Woden's "nick"names.  And "As"
is connected to the Germanic gods, the Aesir (as in Asgard, the domain of
the Aesir). I wouldn't be surprised if Asgrim is itself one of Woden's
names.  I should have to look it up to be sure, though, and it's a long
cold walk to the library.

And yes, Rowena, I really would have liked to lay hands on the Adon's
poetry.  (I'm one of those people who cannot resist reading over others'
shoulders, and have developed upside-down reading skills especially for
the purpose. :)


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