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R.K.Macrae-Gibson R.K.Macrae-Gibson at exeter.ac.uk
Tue Jan 11 10:15:59 EST 2000

Well it just goes to show that DWJ writes something for 
everybody. I love these 3 titles (I just reread Dogsbody 
last night). Maybe it's because they were amongst the 8 DWJ 
titles that I had as a child & read & reread & made sure 
that I had with me when I went off to university. I suppose 
there's a difference between the books I read as a child 
(the 'target audience'?) and DWJ's later titles which I 
only read for the first time as an adult. Also these 3 
titles have a very realistic 1970s feel (as do Wilkin's 
tooth and Power of Three) which may not seem as 'relevant' 
to the 2000 reader (?). There weren't as many DWJ titles to 
choose from in 1978!
Oh, and I prefer A Sudden Wild Magic to Deep Secret as 
well. I like both, but the latter seems more A to B (is 
that because it was written for adults?), and as I've never 
been to a convention, I'm sure I'm missing some of the 
in-jokes. But I've yet to read a book of hers that I didn't 
That's enough rambling for now,
Rowena Macrae-Gibson
On Tue, 11 Jan 2000 01:39:05 PST Gili Bar-Hillel 
<abhillel at hotmail.com> wrote:

> I'll admit to having less favourite DWJ books. The one's I've liked least so 
> far have been "The Ogre Upstairs", "Eight Days of Luke", and "Dogsbody", 
> even though I liked that last one more upon recently rereading it. I did, 
> however, like "A Sudden Wild Magic", and I love "Power of Three" which not 
> everyone here seems to like.

> Gili

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