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Tue Jan 11 09:03:23 EST 2000

>As I see it, we are presented with the following, more or less explicitly:
>Simon, Will and Rupert were consecutive and close together, so that Stan had to
>sponsor them all rather than just one.
>Zinka was after Simon.
>Rupert was last.

 Ok, I found "Stan had sponsored first Will, then our brother Simon, then
me...",  and Rupert's only been a Magid for just over two years.  Simon
says he wasn't allowed to instruct Zinka, because he was married to her (or
going to be).

Also, Rupert has to find and sponsor Stan's replacement because he's
"junior magid on earth".  Stan had been this world's junior Magid for ten
years before, which was why he found Will, but then Will wasn't nearly
ready to find the next two (so Stan, very unusually did the three

Not sure if that sorts anything at all, but it kept me occupied for a happy
half-hour or so!

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