collated comments: favorite authors (LONG!)

Hallie O'Donovan hallieod at
Tue Jan 11 06:11:49 EST 2000

This will take about a year to digest properly, but some things popped up
I'd like to get feed-back on before the process is complete.  (The girls
were nearly late for school this morning, as I couldn't stop myself reading
this at 6:40, and then couldn't drag Becca away from it).

>Martha Wells - Tarja
>---Tarja: She is on my must-buy list though she has written only  a few
>books (if I remember correctly, only four books this far). These are great
>fantasy with memorable characters. I especially liked the Arsene
>Lupin/Inspector Dupin pastiches in her latest work, The Death of a

Have you read _City of Bones_?  I absolutely loved that, right up until the
end, which felt so abrupt I thought there must be a sequel planned, but saw
no word of one at the time.  I longed to discuss it with someone. Did you
feel this way at all?  Maybe that was me expecting too much of a wrap-up?

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