collated comments: favorite authors (LONG!)

Hallie O'Donovan hallieod at
Tue Jan 11 06:11:50 EST 2000

>Susan Cooper - Melissa , Nat, Sarah
>---Nat: She has gotten better as an author the less she has to prove. I also
>like her work in theater: The play FOXFIRE and materials for the Christmas

For the Christmas Revels???  I wasn't sure they/that/whatever was still
around - and didn't realize there was theatre .  Never seen it live, but
we've almost all of the tapes, and I bought Becca the songbook for
Christmas this year.  If we're talking about the same thing.

 Have you read Cooper's newest book,  _King of Shadows_?  I liked it a lot
- it's time travel to Shakespearian London, and I found the "hows" a little
scanty, but the "what it feels like" fantastic.

hallieod at

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