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I rather like Mark; I think Hallie observed he was a pale copy of Rupert,
but I think he's pale because he's lacked Rupert's background... and
Marceny has to be one of the super bitch queens of fiction.

> I also think that Mark's computerised magic is more credible than
> Although I like the adaptation of the disk drive - and I wish I could
> computers like that! 

Have you ever read WITCH BANK by Catherine Jinks? It's about witchcraft at
a merchant bank, and Jasper, one of the character, does his magic with
computers. I really enjoy that book; have read it four times, I think.
Catherine Jinks' "Pagan" series, beginning with "Pagan's Crusade" are her
award-winning and popular titles, but I don't like them nearly so much. Her
early stuff is run-of-the-mill (my opinion) and her later stuff is a bit
too clever for me, but Witch Bank is just right. Magic is tied up with
self-image. Heather, the protagonist, is invisible sometimes because she
feels unimportant and un-noticed. She learns to use this gift, but the
question at the end for me is, now she has self-worth, will she lost the

They said the sea couldn't hold them
as they sailed from their cold north harbours
Vikings, bearded and laughing
men of the living sagas.
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