Over-participation (rant, sorry)

McMullin, Elise emcmullin at kl.com
Mon Jan 10 18:15:50 EST 2000

	Irina vented:

	"Afterwards, someone said something like "you always know it so
> Irina" in an admiring tone with overtones of something else that I
> can't quite lay the finger on - not envy, more like "don't you think
> you're better than the rest of us". AARGH? I've been *brought up* on
> that, and I was just getting over it and *daring* to be bright."
	I know exactly what you mean and I say -- Dare!  Think of yourself -
swashbuckling across the endless sea of Thought, swinging from the
mizzenmast of intellect, brandishing your rapier wit, boldly asking
questions no one has dared ask before!  Proudly trimming your sail to the
wind and venturing off toward glorious points unknown.  Sounds pretty good,
doesn't it?  Personally I think that god, at least in my ideas, is all for
everybody thinking for themselves and figuring things out.  Maybe that idea
is a tad self-indulgent and tailored to my preferences but... oh well!  imo,
it's always been other people who have the problem with free, individual
thought.  But that's another topic ;)

	"This is also the woman who abhors all fiction, fantasy,
> role-playing and indeed anything made up, even dreams, because "any
> time spent on that is time away from God". *I* think God made us in
> His image, that is, the image of the Creator, so we are meant to
> create; but I couldn't get that across to her. That's a brand of
> stupidity that I really can't live with."
	Ugh.  Did you read DWJ's autobio (I think it was that) where she
talks about her parents generation having No Imagination?

	"And how do I face her next week when term starts again? Do I just
> keep silent, hiding the fact that I know and understand things? When
> I ask a question I'm not showing off, I genuinely want to know;
> should I ask stupid questions?"
	Oftentimes (well, in my experience) a person is made to feel
inconsiderate for really going for it more enthusiastically than the rest of
a group.  So then the chastened one hangs back and tries to make the others
feel comfortable - and that person's focus has completely changed, has it
not?  Instead of enjoying themselves and focusing on their endeavor, it's
all group politics suddenly and whatever was initially to be gained falls by
the wayside. I've done this about a million times.  I so sympathize with
your position.

	What about thinking of it a bit differently ----> by doing what you
want you are *helping* them.  Sure, they may feel initially uncomfortable -
but the first time you exercise a slack, undeveloped muscle there's bound to
be a bit of soreness.  So making it a bit intellectually hot for the
occasional person who needs to work out their minds a bit more - is a Good
Thing.  Seeing someone in better shape than they might be inspiring.  If
they don't ever see what the possibilities are, then they will never have
the chance to do it themselves.

	Say what you want, ask what you want and find out all you want.
It's your time (and money, if you have to pay) and you aren't hurting
anyone.  They will survive being occasionally less placid  :D

	I was just talking with someone last week about how sometimes it
seems like folks have their belief system and it's just like heavy furniture
nailed to the floor of their minds.  They never move it.  They always take
the same path around it between their mental kitchen and the door.  They
never rearrange it and who knows if they ever add any new bric a brac?  But
thought, I speculate, doesn't have to be like furniture at all - thought can
be as light and moving and changeful as the individual cares to let it.  You
can rearrange it, reconfigure, addend, edit and mutate it all the time.  And
why should it just be furniture when it can be so much more?

	This does have a point.  They moan and groan because they suddenly
realize that they might have to shift that furniture around (argh!).

> > Yes!  Like pottato, onnion, spinnach, parssnip, etc.  (Ppea?  Beann?
> > caulliflower? spprouts?)
> Peass, beanns and sprrouts, of course. Unless one counts the two
> esses that are in 'sprouts' already :-)
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