Recommended DWJ books?

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Mon Jan 10 16:32:07 EST 2000

Philip wrote:

>Thanks, Sally, for some support.

Hey - so far you two are in the majority!  I'm the one admitting to not
much liking a DWJ book ON THE LIST.  (Heresy.  Unsubscribe her.  FAIL her.
Oh, sorry, slight nightmare attack.)

>I like it because there are loose ends that, if tied up, would generate
>anticlimax - so she leaves them loose.

It's funny, because that's exactly one of the things that I really like
about Deep Secret!  I found it just fitting somehow that we were all
(including The Upper Room) left a little frustrated about what we learned
about Babylon.

Big snip - but I'm glad to have heard all the things you liked about SWM.
It'll help to have things to look out for on a re-read.

>(Also, one thing that bugs me in Deep Secret - what is the order in which
>Will, Zinka and Rupert became magids?)

Maybe someone else will remember the exact details - I just remember that
Rubert was last - and didn't Will make sure he always stayed aware of the

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