Over-participation (rant, sorry)

Irina Rempt ira at rempt.xs4all.nl
Mon Jan 10 17:09:31 EST 2000

On Mon, 10 Jan 2000 Philip.Belben at pgen.com wrote:

Melissa, I think, wrote:

> > I have always over-participated in classes, I just can't help myself, but
> > people tend to interpret this as showing off. For once I feel that the
> > people on this list are really my peers...
> Overparticipate.  What a lovely word.  Yes, that's just what I did (and do!)

Me too. I'm in a theology course given by our church (I want to be a
church school teacher, and I'm also doing the parish website and want
to be informed) and I think I'm one of the *two* people there who
really know what it's about - not that the rest are stupid (or they
wouldn't be there to start with), but they've obviously never learned
to use intellectual tools. The last class just before Christmas was
basically a "find the text and explain how it fits" exercise, and I'm
good at that, so I found a lot and didn't keep silent about it.

Afterwards, someone said something like "you always know it so well,
Irina" in an admiring tone with overtones of something else that I
can't quite lay the finger on - not envy, more like "don't you think
you're better than the rest of us". AARGH? I've been *brought up* on
that, and I was just getting over it and *daring* to be bright. 

This is also the woman who abhors all fiction, fantasy, imagination,
role-playing and indeed anything made up, even dreams, because "any
time spent on that is time away from God". *I* think God made us in
His image, that is, the image of the Creator, so we are meant to
create; but I couldn't get that across to her. That's a brand of
stupidity that I really can't live with.

And how do I face her next week when term starts again? Do I just
keep silent, hiding the fact that I know and understand things? When
I ask a question I'm not showing off, I genuinely want to know;
should I ask stupid questions?

All right, I'm ranting, and looking for sympathy and understanding...

> Yes!  Like pottato, onnion, spinnach, parssnip, etc.  (Ppea?  Beann?
> caulliflower? spprouts?)

Peass, beanns and sprrouts, of course. Unless one counts the two
esses that are in 'sprouts' already :-)


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