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Mon Jan 10 14:53:38 EST 2000

Hello Becca,

Of course I remember.  I was utterly delighted to read your emails--I,
too, am a fervent admirer of Patricia MacKillip.  I am hugely flattered by
your kind words.  I know Romanian because I am Romanian (my family
and I only immigrated to Canada five years ago).  And alas, looking at the
original poem, I can painfully feel my translation falling short.  (Much
as in cartoons, when a character leaps over a chasm and claws at the other
side, and his claws raaaake the side of the cliff and then he still falls
off.) Ana Blandiana, the author, is an incredible writer. (Among other
recognitions of her talent, I think some of her work got banned during the
bad old days of Communism [as opposed to the bad new days of general
mayhem and corruption].)  She wrote some utterly lovely "children's "
poetry too, which I could still kick myself for not having brought along
with me.  Lately I've tried to translate some of her poems because it was
just too exasperating to tell my friends "There's this absolutely amazing
poet you'd simply Love but you'll have to learn a highly inflected,
irregular, and obscure language before you can read her."  And also
because I had way too much math homework at the time.

Thank you again,

On Mon, 10 Jan 2000, Hallie O'Donovan wrote:

> Hi Alexandra,
> Becca here--Hallie's daughter, just in case you don't remember.
> My mom told me to read your poem, because it was so good--and I think it's
> brilliant! I am a complete and utter dog person, and I read this poem
> around three times because I enjoyed it so much. Well, well, well done on
> translating it! It's so dog-like, so--searching for words--hmm, I don't
> have any. How do you know Romanian? So good! Aah, I'm gushing now! Must go
> or I'll make a total fool of myself (if this has not already happened)...
> Cheers, (well done!!)
> Becca
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