About names, again

Satu S Hlinovsky skanervi at cc.helsinki.fi
Mon Jan 10 14:21:10 EST 2000

>PS If I ever write a book (which will probably never happen), I am going
>to have
>to find some way of including two Finns called Ismo and Osmo.  But tell 
>me, has it been done before?

I think I am not the best possible person to give an answer to your
question, although I DO read a lot. But I can say this much: I have never
encountered those Finnish names (Ismo and Osmo) in non-Finnish
Including Finnish characters in books is not overly
popular. Two of the most recent books I've read that include somebody
Finnish are Neal Stephenson's _Cryptonomicon_ with Pekka, and Philip
Pullman's _The Subtle Knife_ with a Finnish witch called Serafina
Pekkala. (although I have to say that the name Serafina is of Swedish
origin, and it is not at all common among Finns younger than my





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